About VisionUnion
Chinese Vanguard Media of Culture And Creative Industries
VisionUnion.com was founded in July 2004, serving designers and students of design. With rapid updated information, the content of VisionUnion covers the complete designing industry. We have 12 columns -- News and Information, Plane Designing, Industrial Designing, Multimedia Designing, CG animation, Architecture and Environment, School Union, Members' Works, Union Arena, Picture Searching, BBS, and onvision Store of Designers' Works. We provide information, work appreciation, theory and documents, interviews and feature stories. Every channel is different and we require that every chief editor be responsible for the achievements of its channel.VisionUnion.com

VisionUnion is the first one among all the websites for designing in China that can boast a completely new graphic searching engine -- Sou Tu (meaning Picture Searching). Readers can find related pictures inside the website by using this fantastic search engine. It is fast, accurate and convenient. Readers can also find those pictures by catalog.

VisionUnion possesses a team of professionals. Having co-designed, produced and operated ChinaVisual website together with the Beijing Visual Interactive Technological Company Ltd, VisionUnion staff has rich experience in managing professional designing websites. We are willing to build this website an excellent platform for studying, as well as a platform of idea exchange for all designers and students.

VisionUnion management team consists of Website Editing Department, Marketing Department, PioneerVisual Designing Workshop, MUDC Graphics Research Workshop, PioneerVision Magazine, onvision Store of Designers' Works, Students Aid Department, Network Technology Supporting Department.

Website Editing Department -- responsible for information collecting and editing, publishing and management of all website contents.
Marketing Department -- responsible for promotion, market planning and exchange with other institutions.
PioneerVisual Designing Workshop -- providing designing services for high-end clients.
PioneerVision Magazine -- one issue every two months, covering the whole designing industry, including feature stories on designers and events.
onvision Store of Designers' Works -- developing, producing and selling self-possessed brand designing products.
Students Aid Department -- responsible for serving related contents to students of design.
Network Technology Supporting Department -- responsible for technological issues in maintaining VisionUnion website.

VisualUnion's job is serve the designers. We hope that we can provide more and more high quality contents for designers, and together with our readers, we can build up VisionUnion into a first-class professional website for designing.

Major Events of VisionUnion:
May 21th, 2005 VisionUnion published.
April 21th, 2005 VisionUnion beta online for users test.
April 15th, 2005 VisionUnion registered as legal commercial website with the approval from the Beijing Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau.
March 22-25th, 2005 VisionUnion held the MUDC 3/5 Designing Exhibit in Beijing Industrial and Commercial Univercity.
Nov. 5 - Dec. 5, 2004 VisionUnion held the first "OPEN!" VisionUnion Plane Graphic Designing Contest.
Nov. 2nd, 2004 VisionUnion get Certificate of Operation in Telecommunication and Information Business and Certificate for Bulletin Boards System (BBS)
Sept. 19th, 2004 VisionUnion BBS published.

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